fortnite we saw excavation unearth something huge and Loot Lake, some sort of metal

we saw excavation unearth something huge and Loot Lake, some sort of metal…area that has a central circular door, and now has five prongs that are beginning to broadcast holographic runes.

What is this thing and what is it doing? Even leakers are stumped, as whatever event is going to happen, no one can quite get a handle on what it will be. Something with a beam of light, maybe. That’s really the only concrete thing I’ve heard.

But I have a theory of my own. I think we are seeing the top of a giant flying saucer buried in the Fortnite map. One that could very well rise out of the earth and rip up a huge chunk of the map as it does so.

Why do I think this? Two reasons.

First, what we’re seeing with our own eyes. Yes, the part at Loot Lake just…looks like a flying saucer, but I think we’re underestimating just how big this thing is. We have to remember that this extends all the way to the third dig site east of Loot Lake, and when you pull back, this is the potential area of thing. It’s massive, and a circular pattern seems like the right size for a very large space ship.

Past this, I think there are lore reasons as well. Er, as much lore as Fortnite v bucks generatorcan generate, that is.

What we are witnessing appears to be the entire endgame of the comet/Visitor storyline. To recap:

A comet crashed to earth containing The Visitor, clearing from another planet.

The Visitor launched a rocket which tore open a dimension rift in the sky.

Out of that rift came the Cube, which rolled around and made its way to Loot Lake where it dissolved, the hovered, then blew up.

And now underneath that exact spot, we see this giant, clearly alien-looking device? I don’t think that’s a coincidence, and this could be the thing that gets The Visitor home. That’s why he summoned the Cube which went to this exact spot and eventually, got this thing unearthed. Or, the Cube actually summoned it here back when it was spinning in the air and blowing up, hence the vortex below it. That implies this may not have been there until the Cube got here, and the Cube was the one to bring it here.

Fortnite EPIC

It’s weird, because I thought we were done with this plotline, as the Ice King and Fire King and Ruin seem to have little to do with any of this, but perhaps I’m missing some connection there.

The point is, I think it would be a bit of a letdown if this was just a “door in the floor.” But it would absolutely be Epic topping themselves, which they are always trying to do, if a flying saucer ripped itself out of the earth and either left, or became a new zone by itself.

This week’s loading screen finally features the Tier 100 skin, Luxe. She appears to be tomb-raiding

This week’s loading screen finally features the Tier 100 skin, Luxe. She appears to be tomb-raiding. There’s a whole bunch of V-Bucks gold and other treasure in the cave she’s found.

The loading screen, which you’ll receive after completing all of the Season 8, Week 7 challenges, also includes a clue as to the whereabouts of this week’s hidden Battle Star, which will get v buck generator you one whole Tier on your way to the top. It’s a pretty well-hidden clue, however.

To find it, you’ll want to brighten the image up a bit. Once you do, you’ll see this odd sketch on the cavern wall:
Here’s the clue.CREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

So . . . that’s interesting. What is that strange drawing exactly?

Well, it appears to be a rabbit turned on its side. If you turn the image you’ll see it more clearly. The Battle Star appears to be above the rabbit’s back.

Fortunately for us, there’s a giant wooden rabbit to go search. You’ll find it right here:
Here’s where to find the rabbit and the hidden battle star.CREDIT: EPIC / ERIK KAIN

It’s cool to see Luxe show up in these loading screens. She’s the first female Tier 100 skin, and she’s just cool all around. I’m not sure how she fits into the larger conflict between Ice King and Fire King, but she could be involved in the dig sites and mysterious helicopter flying from place to place across the map. She’s certainly the Indiana Jones/Lara Croft type hero.

Starting next week, Fortnite will introduce what Epic is calling “reboot vans

Epic Games’ Fortnite might be the industry-leading battle royale game, but the developer behind the game is still taking smart cues from competitors. Starting next weekFortnite will introduce what Epic is calling “reboot vans,” or places where players can bring their teammates back to life if they’ve been knocked out of a match for good. The feature is a direct copy of arguably the best feature of competing battle royale hit Apex Legends, which launched two months ago with so-called respawn beacons that let you revive your teammates.

The feature, which first leaked back in late February, is designed to alleviate what is perhaps the most frustrating element of battle royale games today, which is losing a teammate early on and having to either quit then and there or spend the rest of the match playing a person down while your friend watches from the sidelines. In Fortnite v buck generator, it’s relatively easy to first down an enemy — meaning to take away all of their health and shields but leaving them crawling on the ground to be revived — and then kill them outright, which removes them entirely from the match. Now, Epic says you’ll be able to reclaim your teammates’ reboot card and then take them to a reboot van.


Similar to Apex’s implementation, there are some limits. The reboot vans can only be used one time and by one squad, meaning after one is activated it goes dormant for the remainder of the match. There are also only a limited number of vans on the map, and some might get swallowed up by the shrinking circle, which makes them highly inaccessible unless you’re willing to risk dying yourself to bring your teammates back.

This is the second big feature Fornite has taken from Apex Legends since studio Respawn Entertainment launched its competing battle royale game in back in February. The first, which Epic copied almost right away, was a ping system so you can nonverbally communicate with teammates by highlighting enemies, loot, and locations in the moment by just pressing a button. But as Epic illustrated best when it quickly reconfigured its team-building game into a competitive battle royale shooter back in the summer of 2017 — riding the wave created by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds — it’s not really about who does it first, but who does it best.

we reach week 5 and the halfway point of season 8 in Fortnite: Battle Royale

we reach week 5 and the halfway point of season 8 in Fortnite: Battle Royale, we face a challenge that tasks us with traveling to Happy Hamlet and completing a lap around the race track there. Many players may not have known there’s a race track in Happy Hamlet — we sure didn’t — but there is and we’re going to help you find out where it is and complete the lap around it. You’ll definitely want to, as the reward for completing this relatively easy challenge is a whopping 10 Battle Stars. What are you waiting for? Let’s race to it!


We have a group of seven new challenges for players to take on this week. As always, four of these challenges are available only to Battle Pass owners (we hope you did your overtime challenges last season) while the other three are available to all players regardless of a season pass.

Unfortunately, this week is pretty lame. It’s mostly stuff we’ve seen before as well as some newer challenges that aren’t really that challenging at all. Thankfully, the race track in Happy Hamlet challenge gives you an excuse to utilize the awesome Baller vehicle and the bouncy ball toy.


This season eight, week five challenge tasks you with heading to a specific race track in Happy Hamlet and completing a single lap around it. For this challenge, we recommend completing it in the Team Rumble limited time mode, which seems to be a permanent staple at this point. That’s the big team mode available right now but if it isn’t available in the future for v buck generator, just pick whichever 50 versus 50 or large team mode that’s currently available.

It’s worth noting that neither Playgrounds nor Creative mode will net you the rewards for this season eight, week five challenge so don’t waste your time trying to complete it in those. It shouldn’t take you but one single match to finish it. But in order to finish it, you’ll need to know where to go.


Before we can complete this challenge and get its sweet reward, we need to find where the race track in Happy Hamlet is. Thankfully, the title of the challenge points us in the direction of the general location you need to head unlike the extremely vague challenge description for the magnifying glass challenge a couple of weeks ago.

Many players might be surprised to know that there is a race track in Happy Hamlet as we didn’t even know that in all honesty. However, it’s important to note that the title of this season eight, week five challenge is a little misleading. If you try to do this challenge on your own without a guide, you may find yourself wandering around for an entire match aimlessly. That’s because, while Epic Games calls it the Happy Hamlet race track, it’s not actually located within the location itself.

Happy Hamlet, for those of you who don’t know, is a newer location that was added to the map last season when the iceberg crashed into the island at the onset of season seven. Happy Hamlet is located right near the bottom of the map in the snowy southwestern quadrant of the map, kind of where Flush Factory once was. However, just reaching the adorable little town isn’t all you need to do.

Fortnite players discovered that something new had appeared on the battle royale’s map

Earlier today, Fortnite players discovered that something new had appeared on the battle royale’s map. A little west of Salty Springs, a little south of Retail Row, and just to the east of the island’s desert biome, an excavation site has shown up – and it’s down to the players to do the digging.

As you can see in the tweet towards the bottom of this article, the digsite appears to be full of dirt, much like any of the mines or quarries spread around the map. Upon closer inspection, however, it seems that the whole isn’t full of earth, but of rocks. And while a normal rock might have a few hundred health, each one at the excavation site boasts a total health pool of around 500,000,000.

That suggests that we’re looking at a situation similar to that offered by the iceberg that appeared in Happy Hamlets during Fortnite v buck generator Season 7. That started out with five billion health, but it only took players ten hours to clear it away, revealing an unbreakable bunker similar to the one that used to dwell in Wailing Woods.

It’s not clear at the moment how many rocks players will need to clear away, or how deep the excavation site goes. If we’re working around a figure similar to the iceberg from last season, we’d only need ten blocks, but I’d imagine we’re in for a surprise on a bigger scale.


Remember that time we all tapped our phones to break a cube? Introducing Fortnite’s excavation site. Where the rocks have 3,000,000 health and the community have to break them down. What secrets is it hiding?408:14 – 28 Mar 2019See James Jarvis’s other TweetsTwitter Ads information and privacy

Either way, the more important question is what we can expect to find once all the rocks are cleared away. This could be a third bunker, but if so I think it’d be high time for Epic to reveal their grand underground plan to the world.

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My guess is that the bunkers, once opened, will link up with one another, but it might take a couple of days before we discover what lies beneath. A Reddit thread from earlier today said that at the current rate of digging, players will finish the job on March 30, but as news spreads

Fortnite Season 8 Week 4 is underway meaning there are new challenges to complete

Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 is underway, meaning there are new challenges to complete. It goes like this: achieve these challenges and you’ll unlock Battle Stars, which will level up your Battle Pass and grant you access to all manner of cosmetics that you can use to customise your character.

Update: Epic v buck generator has confirmed it’s fixed an earlier issue that was preventing players from receiving credit for completing one particular challenge–the one asking you to outlast 60 other players. With that addressed, you can now go about completing the latest secret banner Discovery challenge. Original story follows.

This week’s Free challenges, which are available to everyone playing Fortnite, task players with using the Baller vehicle in five different matches, getting an elimination with a scoped weapon and a suppressed weapon, and then doing a five-part challenge that begins with landing at Tilted Towers. The Baller is the new, hamster ball-like vehicle added to Fortnite this season that’s been disabled and re-enabled two different times recently.

If you’ve spent V-Bucks on a Battle Pass, you have an extra set of challenges waiting for you. These involve launching yourself through structures using the pirate cannon, searching for buried treasure, eliminating enemies at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park, and then doing another three-parter that begins by outlasting 60 other players in a match.

Fortnite Season 8, Week 4 Challenges


  • Stage 1 of 5: Land at Tilted Towers (1) — 1 Battle Stars
  • Use The Baller in different matches (5) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Get an elimination with a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon (2) — 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon (25) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Search Buried Treasure (2) — 5 Battle Star
  • Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (3) — 10 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1 of 3: Outlast 60 opponents in a single match — 3 Battle Stars

This week’s challenges arrive hot on the heels of Fortnite’s v buck generator8.11 update, which introduced yet another new weapon to the battle royale game: the Flint-Knock Pistol. The gun deals heavy damage at close range, but it has “significant damage falloff” at longer distances, and you need to go through a three-second reloading animation after every shot.

Along with the Flint-Knock Pistol, this week’s Fortnite v buck generator update reintroduced the Impulse Grenade to the game after it had previously been vaulted. It also marked the start of a new limited-time mode called One Shot, which features low gravity and restricts player health to just 50. You can read the full patch notes for update 8.11 here. For tips on all of this season’s trickier challenges, be sure to check out our full Season 8 challenges guide.

Fortnite isn’t the first game to introduce in-game surveys

Epic Games needs your help—the Fortnite game developers are looking for feedback on player satisfaction via an in-game survey.

The news of the feedback survey was first shared by a player on Reddit who had received it after playing the game mode, The Getaway.
Image Credit – Klantkallaren on Reddit

The Getaway is one of Fortnite’s Limited Time modes, in which players are tasked with collecting jewels from various points across the map. Once in hand, players have to deliver the jewels to vans which spawn randomly around the map. It may sound easy, but the vans float high in the air, meaning players have to build towards them without getting seen.

It didn’t take long for Reddit users to jump on the thread with a multitude of questions. Luckily, Epic Games’ UX Lead “Gortag” was on hand to provide clarification, “That is our new in-game survey tool that was added in 8.10! We are still experimenting with it, but are excited to have this in game. Looking forward to being able to see even more feedback from y’all!”

“We certainly don’t want it to be annoying! Our current design is based on sampling and includes a cool down period between when a player can receive another survey to avoid this.”

It’s not clear if Epic v buck generator is only interested in receiving feedback from the Limited Time Modes. The company has made it clear, however, that the way it solicits feedback is a work in progress.

Fortnite isn’t the first game to introduce in-game surveys, Riot Games has previously gathered feedback in-game for champion balance and game enjoyment. Riot has also sent surveys to players who stop playing League of Legends asking for feedback on why.

The Baller’ vehicle was added to Fortnite Season 8

The Baller’ vehicle was added to Fortnite Season 8, specifically in the 8.10 update, on March 12. It is operated with a quickly rechargeable boost feature, similar to the ‘Quadcrashers’ or ‘Hoverboards’ that are already featured in Epic Games’ third person battle royale.

Since their introduction, users have been experimenting with the grappling hook attached to the vehicle, even going so far as to find a hilarious glitch that launches players across the map.

EPIC GAMESThe Baller Vehicle has added a new dynamic to battles in Fortnite.

However, some players have taken issue with the fact that the Ballers provide considerable protection to the player inside it, as they are encased in a glass ball that has 300 health points.

Now, though, Reddit user ‘LBCJustin’ has demonstrated a simple and incredibly useful method to counter users who are protected inside the Ballers.

In a late game stage, the player encounters two enemies using the Baller. They are both pushed, and quickly have a ‘one by one’ box built around them. The user then places numerous traps quickly inside the box, which deal 150 damage each, hence quickly piercing the defenses provided by The Ballers, and eliminate the players inside.

How to counter hamster balls (280 pt lobby BTW) from r/FortniteCompetitive

LBCJustin is clearly confident of this tactic, throwing up a ‘dab’ emote before hand. Also, judging by the success with which he executes this strategy, he has every right to be.

Of course, it will require you to have more than one trap available, as using only one trap may not deal v buck generaror enough damage to destroy the vehicle and finish off the opponent.

EPIC GAMESGo on a roll in Fortnite with the new Baller vehicle

Data miners have been hard at work following the recent v8.1 update, which added a brand new vehicle to the battle royale v buck generator game, to leak a whole host of new content to fans earlier than expected.

While there is no official name for this upcoming starter pack just yet, the name of the skin and its accompanying back bling and wrap are known thanks to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR.

The female skin is called Laguna, with its description of “Storm the Beach.” The name of the Back Bling in the starter pack is called ‘Pineapple Strummer’ – which looks to take the form of a guitar in a Pineapple design.

Finally, the wrap is called ‘Pineapple’ – which is pretty self-explanatory as to what that will look like. The starter pack will also include a currently unknown amount of V-Bucks, so you get a bit more bang for your buck with the purchase. Previous starter packs have come with 600 V-Bucks, so it’ll likely be the same for this one.

TWITTER: SHIINABRThe set will be centred around the new Laguna skin.

The new starter pack is just a smaller part of a whole host of new skins and cosmetics that have been uncovered following the first update to Fortnite Season 8.

There is currently no information as to when this starter pack will be available in the Fortnite store to purchase, or just how many V-Bucks you’ll have to spend to acquire it but keep following Dexerto for all the breaking news and updates from this v8.10 patch.

This means most of the parties suing Epic over the dances they created showing up in Fortnite

In that ruling (Fourth Estate Pub. Benefit Corp. v., LLC, which you can read in .pdf format here), that before someone can sue over copyright infringement, they first have to register their work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Importantly, their right to sue over infringement remains even if the Copyright Office decides not to register their copyright, but the Supreme Court ruling means that this process must be completed before they sue.

This means most of the parties suing Epic v buck generator over the dances they created showing up in Fortnite have an administrative hoop to jump through before they can proceed with their lawsuits. Only Ribeiro, the creator of the ‘Carlton’ dance, has gotten a decision back from the Copyright Office. Last month, the office refused to register his claim as the owner of the dance move.

According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, Ribeiro, 2 Milly, the ‘Orange Shirt Kid,’ and ‘The Backpack Kid’ are all represented by Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hect, and all four have voluntarily dismissed their lawsuits in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

However, the firm told THR that this was a ‘purely procedural’ move and that all four suits will be re-filed once the plaintiffs have all completed Copyright Office registration for their dance moves.

Objection: The most controversial games in PC history

It bears pointing out that the Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t really have implications for the merits of the creators’ claims against Epic for infringing on their rights – it only means they have to go through the Copyright Office, to exhaust all administrative remedies, before resorting to litigation.